large-horizontal-logoFounded in 1983, Ehren-Haus Industries found its start in acrylic fabrication.  Over time, the company grew organically along with the needs of our clients.  Today, after over thirty years, Ehren-Haus is a full service engineering firm and specialty manufacturer. Despite our growth, we work hard to ensure our defining values never change.

eh-logoThe name Ehren-Haus translates to “House of Honor” in German.  The concept of growing and improving our clients, rather than simply offering a service, is the foundation that drives everything that we do.  The value we bring to clients large and small is that we listen, we communicate clearly, we care about the big picture, we keep costs low by outsourcing very little, and ultimately, we provide tangible solutions.

 Your success is our future.


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Every day, our entire team works diligently to instill these values in every facet of the company:
Ensuring the most concise, efficient solutions are utilized. This also applies to the bottom line.  From engineering to manufacturing, the whole pipeline is under one roof.  The benefit is twofold: communication is fluid between every department, and with very little outsourcing, the overhead and lead times are reduced significantly.

Maintaining transparency and truth throughout all communications and decision making. We always do our due diligence before accepting any client.  If we aren’t 100% positive we can provide the right solution, we will tell you up front.

Craftsmanship and quality build loyalty and legacy.  We strive to produce only the highest quality solutions, from raw material selection to packaging.

We work for the customer, period.