At Ehren-Haus, we understand that there are many choices when it comes to deciding where to have a product manufactured. While every situation is different, clients that choose to work with us have taken a look at the true costs of overseas manufacturing and chosen to go with American made products. In many cases, re-shoring your products can mean significant financial savings. So what is the value of manufacturing in the USA?

Communication – We understand that product manufacturing isn’t always a linear process. Changes are often made to budgets, deadlines, material availability, etc. Because we are located domestically, altering the process along the way is as simple as a quick phone call or email.  When working with overseas manufacturers, communication difficulties can stem from extreme time differences, language barriers, and even cultural differences.

High Safety and Quality Standards – Around the world, facilities are held to various regulations based on their government.  This means that products could be made utilizing sub-standard safety and quality requirements.  Here at Ehren-Haus, our award-winning facilities abide by rigorous quality standards and our staff is protected by US employment requirements.

Domestic Shipments – Because our products are not being shipped overseas the difference in lead times can be significant. Product quality is maintained because they aren’t exposed to weeks or months on ocean cargo ships. Time to market schedules are much more manageable.

Environmental Benefits – Deliveries within the US offer a much lighter burden on natural resources than overseas shipments, reducing the overall carbon footprint.

US Economy – Not only are we providing jobs to American citizens, US manufacturers pay US taxes that subsidize everything from schools, to roads and water supply.

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